About the Dog Show category

Present a SHIBA related project here! This is the first step to include a project in the SHIBA Realms! Requisites:

Old enough

It has to be older than 4 weeks. The typical launch medium article is a good evidence for that date.

Makes use of the SHIBA ecosystem

It must utilize any of these

  • :shib: SHIB
  • BONE
  • The Shiboshis
  • Shib The Metaverse Lands
  • Shibarium

… in a direct way.

Is not a Forbidden Project

Please, do not expect that all kind of projects will be acceptable for discussion in this forum. Thankfully, nothing stops you from speaking about them outside of this forum.

We might make exceptions for the Dog Show, but not for the Shiba Realms.

Talk to the community

Explain how it is related to SHIBA and the ShibArmy in your presentation!

Post your site, whitepaper, videos, or any other materials. Expect questions from the community.

Elegibility for promotion

If you don’t meet all the requisites, your project might still be allowed in the Dog Show. But the project can not be promoted to the Shiba Realms.

No vaporware

Please don’t post ideas here, but living, active projects.


Cult DAO


  1. Aligned with Ryoshi’s Vision of building a decentralized future. The purpose of CULT is to empower and fund those building and contributing towards our decentralized future. Our society is built to make it as difficult as possible to break away from societal, economic and other norms. Our Cult DAO Manifesto is a much darker version of Ryoshi’s original whitepaper, but outlines many issues in today’s society caused by centralized and corruption, and what we can do to fix that.

  2. Cross-Community. Cult DAO has invested and funded over $2M into different revolutionary protocols and noble causes since it launched in February 2022, just over a year ago. They also have a big stake in BONE, owning roughly 31K tokens and staked for tBONE. xFund as well. WoofWork as well, which was one of the first projects that said they would build on Shibarium well over a year ago. Many people in CULT are also in SHIB

  3. Expansive Network. Cult DAO not only has relationships within the Shib ecosystem, but across many others. Cult DAO was a top sponsor at ETH Denver this year, spoke on the main stage. Cult DAO guardians include David Hoffman of the Bankless podcast. Auryn McMillan who helps run Gnosis Safes. Kris Jones of Tally-Ho. Guto Martino of Blink Finance. Kyle Chasse of PAID Network. Dom Ryder of VEMP Studios. IRL Art and Meta Dreamer. Other honorary guardians (not technically, but support us) include Kevin Owocki, founder of Gitcoin who now runs Super Moduluar. Anthony Sasssano of The Daily Gwei. And many others.

  4. Large Community. Cult DAO launched in the bear market and thrives in it. Cult has 22K holders and stakers. Nobody is paid, everyone are volunteers. It’s truly decentralized and community driven, with no legal entity. Passion breeds passion. The first rule of Cult is to talk about cult. It’s simple yet effective marketing, and helps us grow viral

  5. Cult Masks. Who doesn’t like a good memetic filter. A Shiba Inu dog would look good with a cult mask on it I think.


Good morning @MrCultmander, please if this is a project you are part of please post the project with all the details in the link below.

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