About the Project Promotion category

If you want a pick a project to be promoted to: The :yellow_circle:Dog Park, :large_blue_diamond:SHIBA Business, or :diamonds:Friends of Shiba, create a post here.

You need to be an Alpha User to do so.

The Shiba Realms

Is a new way to look at our community, one that recognizes the diverse levels of commitment and types of work that exists behind all the projects in the #ShibArmy

You can not promote a project to multiple realms at once.

While you can propose a promotion any time, your proposal is going to be considered for a vote only if you haven’t promoted other project in the last month.

There is a cost*

The proposed fee is approximately 50 USD in SHIB, that needs to be burned by the creator of the topic, to be considered for a promotion.

(*) However, this fee is not required for the moment. You can expect this to change in the future.