Calcium - A unique projected backed by legit partnerships

Our focus is to become a unique project backed by legit partnerships on Shibarium’s L2 network. Sharing ideas and working together will be the backbone of Calcium’s ethos.

Calcium will posses the power of offering various utilities and rewards to holders and minters while focusing on building a powerful but valuable community.

$CAL will be launched as a whitelisted token on our partner’s decentralised exchange.

We have already secured many powerful partnerships, including PunkDex, ShibaPunks and RariBlock. More is yet to be revealed.

  • Project Name: Calcium
  • Blockchain: ERC20
    • Shibarium: Designed for Shibarium
  • Description: Calcium is a token offering more than just $BONE rewards, this includes: NFTs, NFT staking, Casino, Liquidity and Token degen tools, Disperse utility, Gaming and more.
  • Social media:

Read our whitepaper, join the organic community and be prepared to be understand the power of Calcium.

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