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Since its launch, Shiba Inu has gained a huge following and has been considered one of the most exciting, promising, and potential projects in the crypto world. However, at present, Shiba Inu is going through a bad moment, mainly due to the global macroeconomic situation due to war, inflation, interest rate increases, etc. Which has caused a recent massive sale of its tokens by some investors. This has led to a significant decline in the value of the Shiba Inu, negatively affecting the investor community that had bet on its success. Many of these investors lacked sufficient knowledge about the functioning of financial markets and their risks. It is to them, to the shibarmy, that this project is directed.

Despite this discouraging outlook, this new project called EMOSHIBS, seeks to help revive the illusion of Shiba inu investors and provide support to the community.

This project consists of the creation and sale of the design of a total of 1,000,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) called EMOSHIBS, which have exclusive designs inspired by the Shiba Inu breed and as its name can be intuited in the well-known emojis, which will be sold in packs of 5 collectible EMOSHIBS. Get all!!!
Only someone who has lived their whole life in a cave or under a stone does not know what emojis are. The characteristic drawings that are found in the different digital platforms and that are used to communicate. They are basically an icon with which we can express our emotions through text messages. In fact, the word emoji comes from Japanese, it is composed of “e”, drawing in Japanese, and “moji”, character.
In 2010, a proposal was accepted that made it possible to include emojis on all platforms, in addition to being recognized as a language. In 2011, Apple added a special keyboard for emojis, and a year later, Android joined the idea.
The first 176 emojis are now part of the Museum of Modern Art
Each emoji has a different meaning. it is estimated that more than 700 million posts and messages are used worldwide every day, according to Statista. Can you think of a better utility?
However, when you buy an NFT, you do not get the work, but rather the ownership right through the NFT proof of authenticity. Since NFTs belong to the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs record the current owner as well as transaction history. Basically, NFTs guarantee by way of certificates of authenticity that NFT digital goods remain tamper-proof and “non-fungible”. This is what makes them valuable.
Copyright: As a creator and artist, you receive copyright for each resale of NFT if you specify it when mining on the respective marketplace.
Parking: If you own valuable NFTs and store them permanently on a platform, you receive interest. This is the case, for example, of the blockchain game MOBOX. As an example: Anyone who bets on one of the 11,111 “Creepz” characters currently earns around €75 in interest per day (as of August 2022).
EMOSHIBS® may be used in the future in applications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or tik tok.

Our destiny:

The money raised from the sale of the Shibojis will be used in three key areas.

1-. Mass Burn🔥:

It is well known that members of the community call for a mass burn that can reduce the circulating supply, well 50% will be used to burn Shiba tokens, which will reduce the supply of tokens increasing their value.

2-. “Defense of the breed”:

25% will be used for a community relief fund, which will focus on the “defense of the race” Shibarmy and the promotion of its well-being throughout the world, anyone who can demonstrate If you have correctly been scammed by someone posing as a community developer, you will be able to claim support from this fund of up to $5,000 in Bone per person “Burn Shiba, Donate Your Bones” Note: Both burning tokens such as aid will not take place until the sale of at least 25% of the EMOSHIBS has been completed.The goal would be to burn 25 million dollars worth of shiba and donate 12.5 million dollars worth of Bone to the aid fund “Defense of the breed”.

3-. “Support for Shibarium”:

Finally, the other 25% will be used to invest in projects developed on Shiba Inu, specifically in the Shibarium ecosystem. *Each pack of 5 Nft designs can be purchased for a symbolic price of $50 whose payment method will be made at t via Twitter!! with the aim of being the most used project on this platform, which could attract the attention of more than 500 million users and thus increase our expansion.
Payment method: It can be paid exclusively in Shiba. You can purchase the number of EMOSHIBS packs that each one wants. There are up to 100 different ones.


In order to buy your EMOSHIBS packs, you must contact the Twitter account “We are all Ryoshi” by DM, attaching a screenshot of the corresponding transaction, the receipt of your EMOSHIBS could be delayed between 1 and 2 days, be patient, they will be delivered without delay. lack.

With the purchase of the EMOSHIBS you will acquire their exclusive design and a video tutorial will be attached so that you learn how to transform them into NFTs and thus avoid excessive commissions for each transaction.

It is important to note that any investment in cryptocurrency carries significant risks, and it is always recommended that thorough research be carried out before investing in any project. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend seeking information from reliable sources. and make sure you fully understand the risks involved before making any decisions. DYOR.

While the community patiently awaits the official release of shibarium, let’s support our colleagues who are going through times of famine and feel abandoned and helpless. Let’s share our “bones” with them so that they remain strong with us on this path towards a new world with a decentralized economy away from corruption and embezzlement. Let’s make Ryoshi’s vision come true, let’s make Shiba the biggest community in the world.
We are all Ryoshi.

The approach of the Shiboji project is non-profit, a solidarity project to promote and expand Ryoshi’s vision. With the acquisition of your EMOSHIBS you will have the right to participate in future votes for the use of 25% destined to investments in projects developed on shibarium.

Follow the Twitter account “We are all Ryoshi” to be aware of updates on the progress of the project and to participate in future votes.

Note: When shibarium is officially launched, the EMOSHIBS project will be updated and transactions will be carried out on the shibarium network.

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