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  • Shibarium: Designed for Shibarium

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Welcome to the world of KOYO

A place of frens for frens


The story of Koyo

If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub,
Welcome to the world of Koyo a place for frens, and frens of frens

Those who live in a small world think that what they see is everything; all the while, they never know about the bigger outside world.

Introducing 紅葉 KOYO

‘Utility’ which will serve an army that fights with its original intent as to be foretold in revelation.

With the fall of one leaf we know that autumn has come to the world :maple_leaf: - a single sign is often enough to foretell the approaching fate of a nation

Make those understand that チャンスは自分で作るもの (you create your own opportunities) and soon more will be revealed when effort is made.

What is Koyo?

Koyo is much more than a token. Is a feeling.
It is a door to change the way in which cryptography develops at the moment and advance based on working together with related projects within the Shibarium network.

A project also based on the deep teaching of the community in which Koyo is built. The KoyArmy, is a community started to build to become one of the largest communities. A community built to promote education, respect, collaboration with related community projects and the sustained evolution of an advanced community society in favor of technology and care for our social, environmental and community environment.

Decentralization is not only an objective. It is a given and an absolute necessity when the above tools have failed. But to achieve a decentralization that is true and not utopian, we must be aware that the work of the communities together will represent the only possible advance away from discrimination between communities and projects.

We are a project born among a community of Shiba Inu OGs, great influencers of the crypto world and we have the support of our leaders Kintaro and Shytoshi Kusama in networks. In addition, great Shiba Inu community ambassadors are in our groups as a sign of brotherhood and bridge building to work organically in the Shibarium network and bring projects immersed in the network to the success they deserve.

Since the beginning and in the first two weeks, our achievements have been the following:

  • Break burn record of $SHIB -6B- in only 12 days with 600 holders. Almost 1B in a single transaction
  • Have a complete audit passed 100% by project and team by SolidProof
  • Rating 99 on Dextools
  • Reach a MC of 22M at an ATH price of 0.022 on the 8th day of its release
  • Work and development only in the Shibarium network
  • 700 holders in 10 days
  • Major KoyArmy community projects underway (audiovisuals, artificial intelligence, metaverse, graphic design, press, culture, social work…)
  • Count among the KoyArmy with OG’s of projects such as Shiba Inu among others, great influencers and speakers
  • Having appeared in international specialized press
  • And you can only buy Koyo in ShibSwap

For us, the security of the community is the most essential, for this reason, we make and carry out the development of Koyo under the best valued security certificates and swap (ShibaSwap).

Koyo’s tokenomics is as follows:

5% TAX Buy & Sell

  • 2% $SHIB Burn
  • 2% Liquidity
  • 0.5% Product Development wallet
  • 0.5% burn KOYO

4% weekly $KOY burn. $KOY smart contract will automatically burn 40M $KOY tokens every week from deployment date. (600M at end of burns)

2% automated
Shib Burn

Our networks are


Koyo token keeps the teachings of great masters in community, cryptographic and technological development and has, a team dedicated to preserving and building, a token that in the words of our leader Kintaro, - We build the biggest of platforms which will provide utility to the biggest of armies.

Billions of volume that will provide millions to many."