Marswap a true dex built for meta gamefi on shibarium

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Name of the Project MARSWAP

Add a short intro here Your personal ticket to Mars on Shibarium!

Swap your favourite tokens, explore NFTs, earn, and much more coming!


  • Ethereum: Fully supported
  • Shibarium: Designed for Shibarium or Prepared for Shibarium or Fully Supported (use only after Beta is over)
  • Others: …


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Millions of users globally.

Trusted among the biggest projects.

Marswap will become one of the biggest DEX + AMM + NFT platforms in the DeFi space.

Join the support of Marswap and thrive with us to grow on global scale!

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Metaverse presence

  • ShibTheMV: 100,100
  • Otherside: 9999
  • Decentraland: 999,999
  • Others: …

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