Omikami - Ryoshi's last journey

  • Project Name: Omikami

  • Blockchains:

    • Ethereum: Fully supported
  • Description:

A decentralized token that will evolve into a vibrant ecosystem.

OMIKAMI will revolutionize DeFi, Web3, AI, Machine Learning, and Metaverse.

Our token was originally inspired by Ryoshi and the great Shiba Inu and aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Hello Shib Community, today I would like to present you a special Project which could become really huge in the future. The Project was build from the original $SHIB Creator Ryoshi (they have Proof on Twitter and inside their Telegram).

  • Omikami was launched in September 2022.
  • Says to be build from Ryoshi with Video Proof, which I personally never have seen.
  • Great, detailed Whitepaper with a Big Vision to build a whole Ecosystem (definetely read that!)
  • 0/0 Tax
  • Solidproof Audit finished and certik audit coming soon in Phase 1.
  • Much more informations on their Website, Whitepaper and Telegram!

Do your own Research on this Project. Greetings from an Omikami Fan.


great project creating an entire ecosytem and Aibot utility already out so hav high hope from this project …after all thers Ryoshi behind this


This project has a bright future and our Dev is providing us updates every week for the time being in regards to the current phase in development. We’re very lucky to be so early in this project

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This project is manipulated by some admins of TG channel

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@ radarmeme can you give your blockchain proof for this. Will appreciate it . Thanks

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@BlackSniper The challenge has been launched.

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Great Project, ryoahi last journey! LfG!!

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