⚠️ Read this before posting in the Dog Show

  • Be sure to read this first: Forbidden Projects

  • Only actual projects. Not intentions of doing a project. If you want to post an idea, or a call for help for your project, post a New Topic in this category instead: Ideas

  • More so, assuming that your intention is to become part of the Shiba Realms, consider that before any promotion can happen, your project needs to be at least 4 weeks old.

  • If you project is in beta, be specific about it.

  • If your presentation is too long, feel free to make additional posts.

  • We suggest that you add one final post at the end with the text “(reserved for future updates)

and finally…

  • Follow the guide of the template presented to you when you create the New Topic.

That’s all! Good luck!:v: