Shibet first legal Casino platform on Shibarium

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  • Project Name: Shibet

  • Blockchains:

    • Shibarium: Designed for Shibarium
  • Description: It’s not a bet it’s a movement
    ShiBet is a betting/casino legal platform building on Shibarium for Shibarmy
    Discover a new betting experience with ShiBet | 18+
    Shibet V1 - Shibet White Paper

  • Social media:

  • Metaverse presence:

    • ShibTheMV: Soon we build the first playable casino in ShibMetaverse

Burn evidence…

No Seed/ No VC / Low bet fee

Presale and more details coming soon

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i try to withdraw but the page do not send me the rewards, seems like a scam to me. I talk to the telegram group but nothing

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Moved to The Graveyard.

Twitter account is not available. Telegram group does not show activity.

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