Shibshiro : A New Era On Shibarium

  • Project Name: Shibshiro.
  • Blockchains: Ethereum & Shibarium
    • Ethereum: compatible
    • Shibarium: Prepared for Shibarium
    • Others:
  • Description:

Building Next Gen Decentralized Applications on Shibarium

Shibshiro understands that to fully realize the potential of DeFi applications, a robust and reliable protocol is needed. Shibshiro aims to provide this protocol by offering a range of features that make it easy to use and secure. These features include :

Liquidity bootstrapping for emerging project token launches.
Fixed-rate and fixed-term lend/borrow, without risk of liquidation.
Decentralized token exchange with AMM and Order-Book.
Obtaining high returns through yield farming.

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