Tail Finance - The Decentralized Perpetual Exchange of Shibarium

Tail Finance ($TAIL)

Tail Finance is a decentralized perpetual exchange that provides high liquidity for a variety of top-tier crypto assets, similar to GMX. The team prioritizes innovation and community support within the Shiba ecosystem, making it a unique decentralized exchange. Our goal is to be the preferred solution for traders who want to maintain control over their capital and receive an unparalleled perpetuals and trading experience on the L2 blockchain Shibarium.

Blockchains: ERC20

  • Ethereum: Fully supported
  • Shibarium: Prepared for Shibarium


The perpetual contract is a derivative that enables traders to speculate on an asset’s price movements without the need to hold the asset itself. Perpetual futures are a hot topic and one of the most popular trading products that allow traders to benefit from the price risk of a financial instrument without actually holding the underlying asset. Traditionally, these popular trading products were only offered by centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Binance, Kucoin, and MEXC. However, due to recent events and a lack of competitive advantages, users have become increasingly concerned about remaining anonymous, avoiding data leaks, and implementing scam-wick prevention measures. As a result, people are turning to decentralized exchanges (DEX) as an alternative to CEX, where they embody the mantra “not your keys, not your coins.”.

Enter Tail Finance , an advanced perpetuals platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide traders with an unparalleled experience, offering trading exclusively on Shibarium. With Tail Finance, the #ShibArmy can go BIG.

Tail Finance is a decentralized perpetual exchange that offers futures and perpetual abilities with high liquidity for a wide variety of top-tier crypto assets. The platform’s developers prioritize innovation and support the community alongside the Shiba ecosystem, making it a novel type of decentralized exchange. Tail Finance aims to be the go-to solution for traders seeking to maintain control over their capital while receiving an unparalleled trading experience on the L2 blockchain Shibarium.

Tail Finance will use 20% of the trading fees generated on the platform to purchase and burn $SHIB to support Rhyoshi’s vision and the #ShibArmy. Tail Finance also adheres to the Shibarium Common Values of Burn, Protect, Help, and Grow as outlined in their documents.


General Info
Ticker $TAIL
Total Supply 1Q (1,000,000,000,000,000)
Contract Address 0x4384b85FE228AE727B129230211194E4A50877c4
Tax 0/0
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Great community of supporters and devs here. Been with them almost from the start. Creating a perpetual for teh Shib Frens and Family!Shibarium is the future and tail is here for the ride!

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Burning 20% of trading fees is a great move for supporting the entire SHIB community. I believe this is largest Perpetual trading platform pn the Shibarium.