What are the Shiba Realms?


In the SHIBA Realms, all the good SHIBA related projects can coexist. It contains:

  • SHIBA Team projects and products. (Also known as SHIBA Ecosystem)
  • Community projects
  • Decentralized exchanges supporting SHIBA Ecosystem tokens
  • Established, traditional businesses supporting the ShibArmy, including Centralized exchanges
  • Projects that are friends of SHIBA
  • Projects inspired by SHIBA
  • Influencers and even press.
  • And more…!

There are 4 realms.

The first is closed,
:orange_square: SHIBA Team Ecosystem:lock:. Exclusive to developments from the SHIBA Team.

The rest are open to the community. These were created to give legitimacy to other projects and people. Any project can apply to be part of:

:yellow_circle: Dog Park. For more informal, community based projects.
:large_blue_diamond: SHIBA Business. Any traditional business working with ecosystem tokens, or using Shibarium.
:diamonds: Friends of SHIBA. Anything else that does not fit in other categories.

More about joining a Realm...

While in the first months we might intervene in the classification of projects and its discussion, this is only to ensure that the categories are well utilized. Eventually, we hope that the community can create a consensus on what belongs to where.
Some important rules about becoming part of a Realm

First: A single project can apply to more than one realm, just not at the same time.

Second: The community voting will expire after a while. Any project will be certified for 3 months the first time. The following ones will last a year, or 6 months.

Third: Before any voting can start, a minimum number of Alpha Users has to join (to be determined). Also, there will be a minimum number of votes required for a poll to be valid (to be determined, and later subject to vote).

:orange_square: SHIBA Team Ecosystem.

Any project or product coming from the original SHIBA Ecosystem.
It is not possible to promote a project to this realm.

Despite the word not having a strong meaning in a decentralized project, I say that anything in this realm can be considered ‘official’.
No other project can call themselves official.

 - shibinformer

:yellow_circle: The Dog Park

Our suggestions

:white_check_mark: What should be part of this category:

  • A DEX that allows SHIB to be staked, and returning other token.
  • A DEX allowing to stake another token, but returns SHIB.
  • A community project that will run on Shibarium, but also has to provide some utility. Example: Exclusive access to Leash holders, accepts trading in SHIB.
  • In case of a token, it has to provide some utility to the SHIBA Ecosystem or community in some way.
  • A community project that burns SHIB.

In short, any project here should demonstrate that they have an impact on Ecosystem tokens or products, on Ethereum or Shibarium, and it should be reflected in the blockchain (i.e. can be proven by a transaction)

:no_entry: What should NOT be part of this category:

  • A token that has SHIB on its name, but has no relation at all with the SHIBA Ecosystem.
  • A project started by a (ex) team member or whale, but has no relation at all with the SHIBA Ecosystem.
  • Any DEX whose involvement with SHIBA is limited to trade its tokens. For being in the Dog Park, it must provide additional utility. These cases should belong to Friends of SHIBA.
  • A regular token that simply deploys on Shibarium - unless the token provides some SHIBA-related utility.

:large_blue_diamond: SHIBA Business

Our suggestions

:white_check_mark: What should be part of this category:

  • A shop that sells products and allows to pay with SHIB.
  • A centralized exchange selling SHIBA Ecosystem tokens.
  • A company that provides utility to SHIBA Ecosystem tokens or products.
  • A payment processor enabling payments with SHIBA Ecosystem tokens.
  • A factory that uses the Shibarium L2 as part of its operations.
  • Any company that burns SHIB
  • Established companies in direct partnership with the SHIBA Team.

This is basically a more ‘serious’ realm than the Dog Park. A company involves accounting, paying taxes, compliance with local laws, and other characteristics that are not necessarily implemented by more informal teams.

:no_entry: What should NOT be part of this category:

  • A company whose relationship with SHIBA is limited to social media. For them Friends of SHIBA is a better fit.

:diamonds: Friends of SHIBA

Our suggestions

:white_check_mark: What should be part of this category:

  • An influencer that tweets about SHIBA and its community
  • A DEX that sells SHIBA Ecosystem tokens, without providing any other utility, like staking.
  • A content creator on YouTube, Tiktok or any other social media platform.
  • A news outlet, analytics company, or anyone else that feels and acts like a friend of the ShibArmy, either by news coverage, contests, or other engaging activities for the ShibArmy.

The ShibArmy is welcoming, but we should not forget that many bad actors might be looking at using SHIBA as a platform to promote other unrelated projects.

:no_entry: What should NOT be part of this category:

  • An influencer creating fake contests for engagement with the ShibArmy.
  • Anyone going beyond reasonable criticism of community or team members, using methods like doxxing, slander, or harrasment.
  • Any project saying it is inspired by SHIBA, but not supporting SHIBA directly, and using it only for engagement.
  • Any DEX that does more than just selling SHIBA Ecosystem tokens. If, for example, also provides SHIB staking, it belongs to the Dog Park.
  • A token that is simply providing liquidity in ShibaSwap. If that token contains additional utility (like, for example, SHIB burning) it belongs to ther Dog Park.

In this Realm, Alpha Users should always question the reasons behind any other crypto project wanting to be part of the Friends of SHIBA.