New projects recently launched

Just want to give you guys some info I already invested in. Not a promotion just do your on research bad times are coming so invest responsibly.

Neon link - web3 gaming currently on presale stage. I think they should get involved in shibarium shibaverse

Crypto GPT - just launched today Zk layer 2 blockchain AI seem interesting also users would be earning encentive which I think is cool

Flasko (Flsk) currently on main website (flask io) is on maintenance they launching a new platform soon but they are on twitter. Investing on rare high end whiskey, wine & champagne something we not heard of well what I haven’t heard of yet. Also will be launching nft to FLSK holder depending amount you hold type of bottles you’ll get to claim. I think would be nice to celebrate with an expensive bottle especially being rare good for special occasions like when shib hits 0.01 cent. I’m a believer the power is in the community or when bone goes $41+


I liked the Flasko. :champagne:

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