BoneBets: Play With $Bone, Beta Live NOW!

  • Project Name: Bone Bets

  • Blockchains:

    • Ethereum: Fully supported (currently Beta)
    • Shibarium: Prepared for Shibarium
  • Description: BoneBets ($BBets) Aims to be the first Working Casino that allows users to Play in $Bone the Native Shibarium Network Token, in Q1 of 2023 Bone Bets will be Releasing it’s V1 Casino Platform and Token Allowing users to Deposit, Play & Withdraw $Bone & $Shib.

Bone bets will be Implementing hundreds of games for users to play and enjoy! Starting with classics such as Crash, Baccarat, Dice, Coin Flip, Texas Hold’ Em, Keno, Slots, Plinko, BlackJack & Roulette!

Bone Bets will always take community feed back from players as our main going is to provide a safe and fun environment for our Players on a daily basis! Feel free to recommend your favorite games to our moderators in Telegram!

Bone Bets will be launching ($BBets) it will serve as the main Governance Token and offer discounts and bonuses for using it while playing your favorite games!

Earn with BoneBets! We will have one of the best Affiliate Systems in the gaming sector, invite your friends and community to play on BoneBets and become one of our top affiliate earners! BoneBets will be allowing members to participate in Bankroll positions to earn directly along side BoneBets from Game profits! Interested in providing Liquidity with BoneBets? We will have exclusive benefits for Liquidity providers

Airdrops!? BoneBets will have a strategic Airdrop schedule allowing players & liquidity providers to earn ($BBets) just from being apart of the BoneBets Community!

Let’s Burn some Bone! Shibarium L2 will burn ($Bone) with every transaction performed on the Shibarium network. BoneBets will join the burning process by burning a percentage of all ($Bone) profited.

Most importantly! Have fun! The number one goal behind BoneBets is for players, token holders & community members to enjoy the BoneBets experience!


First decentralized casino
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