SHIBEX Limit Orderbook DEX on Shibarium 100% on-chain!

Introducing SHIB Exchange
SHIBEX is the world’s 1st 100% on-chain Limit Orderbook DEX on an EVM chain.
Built on Shibarium, SHIBEX will bring a new age of value for the $SHIB economy, by paring every token with $SHIB as the Quote Coin.
Not more pricing tokens only with BTC or ETH or USDC. Now we can price everything with SHIB and give it the recognition it deserves in the market, and the utility that will bring it more value.

Furthermore, on SHIBEX any Shibarium project can self-list their token for trading on the Orderbook, at no cost!

Testnet will be released any day now.

Let the future begin!