Perpetual Trading platform $SERP



  • Project Name: Shibarium Perpetual’s
  • Blockchains:
    • Ethereum: supported
    • Shibarium: Designed for Shibarium and Prepared for Shibarium*
    • Others: …
  • Description: Perpetual trading dex
  • Social media:
    • Twitter: @serpperpetual
    • Telegram: @serpperpetual
    • Medium: na
    • Others: …
  • Metaverse presence:
    • ShibTheMV: 0
    • Otherside: 0
    • Decentraland: 0
    • Others: …
      In the fantastical realm of Web3, an ambitious quest has been undertaken to forge an eternal bazaar upon the mystical lands of Shibarium. This venture draws inspiration from the hallowed scrolls of existing perpetual platforms, embracing their sacred contract forks, interfaces, and subgraph repositories.

The pioneering spirit of this endeavor dictates that the contracts shall first be brought to life within the proving grounds of Shibarium’s testnet. There, the elements will be meticulously examined, ensuring the stability and functionality of every facet. Once deemed worthy, the contracts shall be elevated to the honored status of residing in Shibarium’s mainnet.

A versatile portal shall be crafted to seamlessly bridge the realms of testnet and mainnet, offering a harmonious connection for all who venture forth. Meanwhile, the ethereal backbone of offchain services shall be conjured and maintained in parallel for both the testnet and mainnet domains. These services shall summon a legion of vigilant keepers guardians of liquidations, order executions, and price stability alongside the invaluable tools of APIs and subgraphs.

Our first mock up