Endless Web Worlds

  • Project Name:EWW Endless Web Worlds
  • Blockchains:
    • Ethereum: Fully supported
    • Shibarium: Designed for ShibariumShibarium* or Fully Supported
  • Description: Endless Web Worlds is a sandbox experience unlike any other. Everything may be customized immediately in your browser using the most common programming language, JavaScript. Even if you aren’t a developer, you may benefit from the simple snippets that we and the community will provide.

Endless Web Worlds allows you to design your own virtual world and personalize it to your liking. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you’re constructing a full metropolis, a gaming environment, or a virtual reality!

to all of the future builders - contributers of shibarium consider this a invitation

we have created a exclusive shibarium plug and play metaverse Builder and are still looking for builders to populate - decorate the endless amount of world we are able to generate

each uploaded asset is interactble and your code can be placed on top of it thus we whoold also love for the devs to take a look

on the website you can Apply for a free world and build your Realm today

we have sets of assets avaible but whoold mostly apriciate the Creative community to contribute

Create and explore infinite virtual worlds right in your browser. Endless possibilities and endless fun.

Make Shibarium even greater than it already is Love and respect


this is a repost from decmber

Eddit : some projects actualy showed up and are now helping us develope the project we are still looking for more people and alpha testing is stil ungoing feel free to get yourself involved :smile: