Play the free open world alpha now! Dashboard is also live.

Shibcraft is a Web3 application that incorporates the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem in a fun and easy to use game. Through Shibcraft, one can hunt for private keys which are spread out over the entire world.

Compete with players around the world, each racing to find all 64 key characters first and sweep the wallet. A new wallet and bigger prize is introduced each time the full key is discovered.

But in the next update (which will be released very soon) more game modes will be added like king of the hill, Since Shibcraft will be an open world sandbox if your launcher runs out of ammo or you want a better launcher, you can go to the nearest yard with a shop and do business $SHIB $BONE

Or search the map for rare loot crates.

Plus an array of different vehicles will be included from Spaceships to cars!

What does Shibcraft offer the Shib community?

Utility in the form of being able to use your Shiboshi’s and land plots in Shibcrafts metaverse, Shibcrafts game currency is Shib token to buy in game items, save progress and game rewards are also paid in Shib.


The Shibcraft Metaverse uses the same exact land NFTs as the official Shib Metaverse. The entire map is plotted out yard by yard. Cross game compatibility is one of the coolest features about NFT technology. Shibcraft will not mint its own land collection. Players can craft and place blocks, equipment, structures, vehicles, p2p shops, and even games. Shibcraft MV is starting out as a flat item world, the environment is an ever changing sandbox designed by the players.

SHIB NFT Integration

Play as your Shiboshi

All 10,000 Shiboshi NFTs have been modeled in 3D. Using a Shiboshi instead of the free character gives in game advantages like extra health, discounts, and boosted stats.

Shibcraft offers two ways to earn SHIB

Holding SHFT (Shibcraft’s native token)
Gameplay Rewards

Holding SHFT

SHFT buys, sells and transfers have a 3% tax, with 1% used to buy SHIB which is distributed to SHFT holders. Rewards are distributed proportionately to the amount of SHFT held.

Gameplay Rewards

Weekly Leaderboard

Each week the top 20 scores submitted to the leaderboard by unique wallet addresses earn a prize of between 58824 and 10M SHIB tokens.

To submit a score, once you have collected floppy disks within the game, return to the main menu and enter the ‘Board’ menu. Use the ‘Connect Wallet’ button to connect your Metamask wallet then use the same button to ‘Submit Score’. There is a 100K Shib fee to submit a score, plus the ETH gas fee.

Private Key Prize

Each floppy disk has a random character of a 64 character key. When a floppy disk is collected a pop-up appears which provides the player with a character and the position it appears within the string.

Finding all 64 characters gives the player access to the wallet containing the Private Key Prize of SHIB tokens.


Unity SDK

Integrate SHIB, BONE, LEASH, SHIBOSHI NFTs, without any solidity coding. Drag and drop Web3 into your games.


Shibcraft the game will run exclusively on Shibarium. As soon as Shibarium testnet is live, the game will be ported over from eth in order to stress the network and provide feedback to Shib team. Help us break Shibarium and Shibcraft.

Web3 for Web2

Build a fun game. Make it easy to start playing.

No sign up, no mandatory wallet connection, no downloads(browser based), free to play and earn.



  • 3% Total Tax

  • 1% Liquidity (locked for 1 year)

  • 1% to holders in SHIB

  • 1% automatically sent to GiveWell Charity address paid in SHIB.



9,424,777 Total SHFT

100% in Circulation

Shib Utility

Shiba Inu Tokens are utilities within Shibcraft. Gamers use SHIB token to save their player’s progression on chain, add stamina, buy inventory items, submit a score, craft, and transact in the metaverse. Wherever SHIB is accepted, other official Shiba Inu tokens will also be useable.


Website -

Game -​

Twitter -​

Telegram -​

Shib has set the gold standard in terms of a strong honest community and Shibcraft will make the very best game possible to live up to Shibs values.

Check out the official twitter account for recent game play videos that will be included in the upcoming game patch.

Shibcraft has a current market cap of between 800k - 1 million so plenty of room to move with such small supply and will be ready for Shibarium from day one.


Great post Dr Z. I’m a big fan of the project and can’t wait to see the next stage where the benefits for the ShibaInu ecosystem really come to life!


well explained, very detailed


Listen, this project does not come with the promises of crazy yield, alright? So no 40% - 90000% APR nonsense. It’s not another pseudo-staking protocol to keep your investment hostage that assaults you with a stale word salad.

It’s a game. A game by a passionate Dev that thinks that Blockchain-Tech CAN introduce a layer of fun and dynamics into a game that makes sense and are more than financial speculation. The plans for the game are ambitious, but the Dev - who unlike most Devs in the crypto scene can code - is constantly developing his dream project and changes come quickly. Like, you don’t even HAVE to buy the token, for Pete’s sake! Check it out, play a bit around, and visit the community and drill them for questions. The fact that they got noticed, despite not paying a cent for ads or getting sleazy influencers, is awesome!


Remembering that many people play for fun in their free time.


Thank you Dr Z!
Dear reader! Check this Shibcraft game and project out and take your time looking at the history since day one.
It will pay off as you will see we here have a serious long term aiming dev and owner who truly takes his responsibility and also cares about his community as well as listening to the members.
Many are the occasions in the past where he could have dumped this and the earlier projects, but no he didn’t!


Finally! Someone got the point of crypto gaming. Just make a fun and addictive game, and make it free to play. Its amazing how many that will not pay a dollar to play a game, but would easily put in money to buy in-game perks!! This is the way


Great game, had my nephew who is a pain in my you know what play the game. Kept the little guy occupied and he actually enjoyed the game. Graphics can be upgraded was his only complaint. I’m in the telegram community for this project and dev is adopting actual controllers for you PC gamers. Hey Doc, you are SHibcraft MVP. Glad to be apart of this project. I hear more updates to come. Join the telegram community to get the updates and more info about the projects. Definitely got legs.


Good idea, I’ll put my nephew to play too. lol


Shibcrafters will also be integrated into the open world sandbox game Shibcraft.

What are Shibcrafters? They are 10,000 unique digital artifacts inscribed on Bitcoin forever.
Shibcraft will be one of the first games with playable ordinals and that game will be on Shibarium.


Owning A Shibcrafter or Shiboshi will give in-game perks like regaining health quicker, more stats and access to free vehicles like spaceships.

Minting is live

Shibcrafter filters/attributes will be listed on gamma eventually, orange backgrounds are the most desirable in the ordinal space and the pink and green Shibcrafters are the most rare.


I’m loving that Shibcraft is taking the approach to have its own Ordinal collection (which is more affordable than a Shiboshi) but also incorporating Shiboshis too, with both having an in game use. Fantastic!


this is ShibCraft’s twitter :point_down:

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Congratulations $SHIBCRAFT on a job well done and winning the Metaverse Land. Keep up the great work!


No developer activity recently. Moved to the Graveyard. This can always change once the proyect becomes active again! I understand there is a strong community behind it, but the evidence of inactivity from the team is clear.


Very disappointed with the leadership of this project. If it wasn’t for the Shibernetics Club and Shib Informer’s contest, I would have been lingering around and still waiting. Glad to see this in the Graveyard!


yet, there are numerous promising projects here on the forum where SHIB enthusiasts can be evaluating.

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