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How about developing a site that has every arcade game available, where people set up a wallet, specifically for the site, add their money and pay in Shib?

Say, ~$0.02 worth of Shib per credit, with 50% or more being burnt per month.

Access via PSN and Steam is a must. Along with the ability to purchase full games from those sites.

Eventually, expand to burn other coins and connect to online retail stores, (Amazon, groceries, online food purchses etc.), allowing people to burn coins through purchases.
Obviously, the burn rate for purchases would have to be smaller.
This would give the community far more options.

I, for one, couldn’t give two shits about playing the trading card game that’s been released and I’m certain that many holders feel the same way. However, I would be willing to put $50 into games worth playing.

You could even incorporate poker tournaments, allowing people to win Shib, (or the equivalent amount of the coin of their choice), which they can spend throughout the site, or to make purchases.

This, I feel, would be one of the best ways to grow the community and crypto in general.

It would allow people to burn coins, either through purchases or entertainment, easily and attract new investors.

If companies don’t have to integrate crypto into their systems, it’s all done for them through the site, they’d be more inclined to help and even promote crypto payments and people would use it to make the purchases they’re gonna make anyway, knowing that they’re burning Shib as well.

By allowing various coins to be used and burnt, (Shib, Dogelon, Floki, BTC and others), you’ll attract a larger crowd and grow the site a lot faster.

Anyway, do with this as you will. I’ve given up holding my breath, waiting for the “community” to come together and burn Shib. Too many people gatekeeping and “just wait for Shibarium”



The other idea I have, is as simple as it is difficult.

I have suggested, in a previous petition, that the ShibArmy should try to convince McDonald’s and its shareholders to buy $1,000,000,000 USD, (~20% of the total), worth of Shib, only to be snidely told that I’m an idiot and “to just wait for Shibarium”

While I’m sure that Shibarium will burn a lot of coins, that’s no reason to put all our eggs in a single basket.

A deal of this size, with McDonald’s, would instantly remove over 100 trillion coins from circulation and, more importantly, would put Shiba Inu in front of millions of people who would otherwise not know or care about Shib.
Which, in turn, would see more people buying Shib and more mcdonalds, in order to drive the price back up.

If the ShibArmy could demonstrate a commitment to McDonald’s and show that we would be willing to buy more of their food and donate more to their charities, in return for coin burns and convince the company of the long term potential for a huge return on their investment, then Shib would dominate the market in a way that no other coin has.

And, should they choose to sell any remaining coins, because they bought in bulk, for cheap, McDonald’s will profit even further.

What is needed though, is a dedicated community that can see beyond Shibarium. Because, let’s face it, without attention, even if every surplus coin is removed, if no-one wants to trade Shib, it’ll go nowhere.

This is the difficult choice we must make. Do we press forward and try our hardest, to get Shiba Inu in front of the masses? Or, do we just do nothing and start a massive circle jerk while fantasising about Shibarium?

Personally, I want to see a day when I can get a meal and donate to RMHC knowing that both actions are burning Shib. But, apparently, I’m one of very few who want this. Which is sad.

Most I’ve conversed with only focus on the coins and completely overlook the marketing.

McDonald’s spends hundreds of millions of dollars, globally, every year on advertising. If Shiba Inu can become attached to that level of marketing, combined with the eventual release of Shibarium, Shib will become unstoppable and it will surpass $1/coin. It will come to dominate the crypto market and it will become bigger than Bitcoin.

For most, even $1/coin will not change their lives. However, if we can achieve this idea and my previously posted one, along with Shibarium, we could succeed in burning all of the coins, down to a few billion, in record time. Allowing the price to surge beyond $1, possibly beyond $10, in just a few short years.

But the ShibArmy MUST act as a cohesive unit, to show that we mean business and will bring our money to the businesses that support us.

I’ve read that McDonald’s will listen to ideas from managers. Perhaps someone reading this is, or knows, someone in management and can get the idea heard by the higher ups. Who knows.
But we only, truly fail if we don’t try.

I’m not going to hold my breath on this one but, who knows? Maybe someone reading this will be able to make it happen.

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