Good Dog - HEEL

  • Project Name: Good Dog - HEEL

  • Blockchains: Ethereum + Shibarium

    • Ethereum: Fully supported
    • Shibarium: Prepared for Shibarium
  • Description:

Good Dog - HEEL token is a decentralized Web3 brand developing original art, characters, content, & dApps.

Since the inception of HEEL in August 2022, we’ve portrayed our message of honoring our ancestor: the great Shiba Inu. The Good Dog brand represents our personal depiction of Young Ryoshi and Shiba, a story untold, as we personally visualize & interpret it. Since launch in August, we’ve planned to build on the Shibarium network by migrating a Good Dog liquidity pool over & also minting one of the first NFT collections exclusively on the Shibarium. We’ve donated multiple times to official Shib Donate address, just to pay homage as we organically built our community from the ground up, just like Shib!

We specialize in giving value back to our holders. In our upcoming staking “Good Dog House” (in near future) we are doing our best to eventually honor LEASH BONE AND SHIB holders who stake Good Dog NFTs, to receive rare trait NFT rewards based on holdings.

Good Dog has multiple artists that specialize in all creative aspects from character creation to trait generation for metadata on a NFT collection. These artists have worked on a plethora of successful blockchain projects and are currently known for creating beautiful, original art scenes that represent the Good Dog HEEL brand. Good Dog is lucky enough to have highly experienced solidity developers aiding the cause of becoming a household Web3 brand. These developers are blockchain specialists and have so far proved it by creating the Good Dog - HEEL Token, Good Dog Website, HEEL v1.0 NFT contract & collection, HEEL v2.0 NFT contract & collection, HEEL NFT minting websites, multiple Metadata updates after launch & Good Dog House for staking in progress.

0 tax token. Providing value and never extracting it!


How does the Good Dog token interact with the NFTs? Are there any benefits to holding both?

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Good question to be answered in a GoodDog AMA

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