SHIBFOOD, shiba food to feed the SHIBARMY


SHIBFOOD :heart: Only on ShibaSwap

1 Million Coins :heart: Contract Address: 0xc3b0346df4bfa2b3615ffe2017824938c511b356

TELEGRAM: Telegram: Contact @pedigreeportal

SHIBFOOD is a clever funny doggie/food meme coin! Its main goal is to attract people who are not familiar with Shibaswap, to encourage its use, to guarantee the success of Shibarium and to burn as many Shiba coins as possible. And we are achieving it!!!

SHIBFOOD will do very well as there is a limited amount of SHIBFOOD coins–only 1 million coins. In addition, the community is growing organically. The growth is nice and steady, with an uptrend overall. :pretzel::pizza::fries::hamburger::hotdog::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::fried_egg:


Thanks for being on the forum :heart_hands:. I will look.

I really, really like this meme coin! It’s so funny!! I like the community and enjoy seeing funny posts of doggie/food related pictures. There is only 1 million total supply, and I notice, in the liquidity, there is only about 140,000 SHIBFOOD left. Can’t wait for the next Bull Run! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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