• Project Name: Shibawars
  • Blockchains:
    • Ethereum: Compatible
    • Shibarium: Prepared for Shibarium
  • Description: Shibawars is an online game where users use their Shibawars NFTs to go on adventures and fight with other user shibas, while competing for a prizepool.

Each sale of Shibawars NFTs is done in $SHIB and contributes to the prizepool (50%) while 10% of the sale is burnt.

A season lasts 90 days, in the end the players can claim their winnings. Top 10 players will get a portion of half of the prizepool, while the other half of the prizepool is split among all the players depending on how well they performed during the season.

After the season ends, a new season will start with new content, giving chance for new players to win. The price of one shibawars nft will be set to approximately 20usd (which would be 2M shib at the time of writing), while the initial prizepool would be set to 2000usd (approximately 200M shib at the time of writing).

There will be also airdrop for original SHIB holders. Each non-common shibawars NFT will be unique with over 20k unique shibas. The game is ready to launch after Shibarium launch. You can read more specific info in our whitepaper which you can find on our website.


This sounds interesting. Going to look more into it! Great write up :clap:t4: