⛔ Forbidden Projects

This is a club, and not really a place to exert your free speech (You can open a Twitter account for that!)

Code is real power.

For this reason, some subjects are banned from discussion here.

The following list shows examples of banned projects, but the censorship is no limited by it.

We might make some exceptions for the Dog Show. But these rules are strict for the Shiba Realms.

:no_entry: Casino implementations

No casino-like ideas that puts the player against the algorithm.


  • Virtual slot machines
  • Virtual roulettes
  • Any virtual game that is typical of a real-life casino

However, projects proposing games like person-vs-person poker and sports betting will be allowed initially.

Fun fact: RyoshiResearch disliked bets and casinos.

:no_entry: Pornography related

No projects related to sell sex related materials, including, but not limited, to

  • Real or cartoon pornography
  • Virtual sex
  • Sale of pornographic materials
  • Access to pornographic streams

:no_entry: Involuntary classification of users, or deanonymization


  • Let’s track the wallets of supporters of a politician using this leaked database”, or,
  • Let’s track vaccinated people using metadata”.
  • "Let’s implement a specific logic based on the target’s racial or ethnic background, obtained from metadata
  • This also includes ‘traditional’ marketing data gathering schemes.

This kind of involuntary classification of people won’t be discussed in these forums, except on a philosophical context. Exceptions can be made, if the project can prove the users have to explicitly and unambiguosly opt-in, so they accept voluntarily to be classified.

:oncoming_police_car: Projects related to fighting scams and protect the ShibArmy will be approved in a case by case basis.

:no_entry: Clear scams or pyramidal / ponzi schemes

Does something sounds too good to be true?

Hopefully, the community of Alpha users will take part on this and help identify bad actors and projects!

:no_entry: SHIB ‘Mining’

Or the ‘mining’ of other tokens in the SHIB ecosystem. Is not possible to truly mine these tokens at this moment, and these projects create confusion, while giving very little value to the ecosystem in comparison.

:information_source: Conclusion

This was the list of banned subjects. You are free of discussing these in other spaces, just not in shibernetics.club