F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

:information_source: Is this site free?
Kind of. Certainly not for you, if you want to access all the features. Read the next answer!

:information_source: Are all users the same?
No. Alpha users can access The Table, and can vote for certain things in this site, plus some other exclusive perks.
You can easily become an Alpha by validating your account.

:information_source: How do I validate my account?
Visit to https://validation.shibernetics.club! You need to create a user the Shibernetics.club forum to be able to get validated.

:information_source: How will this wallet address be used to validate?
When joining for the first time, or each time you are banned from the forum, we will require you to burn a different amount SHIB tokens.

This will give you right to 1 year of Alpha User privileges. Read more about the Terms and Conditions.

While the fee is nearly the same for everyone, this might change in the future.

:information_source: Are you building a team?
Certainly. A team of volunteers!

:information_source: Do you want to work with volunteers forever?
Yes, but the only way to build a sustainable team, is giving it a cash flow, even if humble at the beginning. So efforts will be done to make this site (and others, :wink: :wink: ) sustainable in time. Which means that, eventually, there will be paid, key, team members.

:information_source: How can I promote my project?
Check the Community Showcase category. Although I will delete your post if your project is a blatant promotion. Use informative language, rather than hyped up phrases. Also, your project might be subject to scrutiny from the community.
Remember to read the post Forbidden Projects first.

:information_source: What are the Shiba Realms?
There are so many projects that are abandoned, because many on the ShibArmy would only support something officially supported by the SHIBA Ecosystem Team. However, this is not the decentralized way.

Stop asking them that, because it is you who needs to choose.

In the true spirit of SHIBA, we present this as a way for us, the #ShibArmy, to decide by ourselves.

Check this article to know more.

:information_source: How can I get my project or company into the ‘Shiba Realms?’
Start in the Dog Show. You can post there, even without being an Alpha User.

Any New Topic created, will present you with a template to fill. Please fill it properly. If your presentation is too long, feel free to add additional posts.

We suggest that you add one final post at the end with the text “(reserved for future updates)

:information_source: Are promoted projects safe to invest?
They went trough some scrutiny to be promoted (That’s the work of Alpha Users), That’s true, but this is not a seal of quality.

Even is a project looks perfect, something can happen in the markets, someone can get hacked, some new war can start… It is nor possible to know, just because a project was certified by the community, (or by anyone else for that matter), if you will have profit.

That is why you always need to [DYOR before buying]
(Cryptocurrency — A Noobs Guide to Doing Your Own Research (DYOR) | by Nye | Medium).

…and after buying too.

:information_source: Is there a fee for applying for a promotion to ‘Dog Park’ or ‘Shiba Business’
Yes. A value close to 50 USD in SHIB will need to be burned. You need to be an Alpha user to do this.

For the moment, this fee will not be requested. Expect this to change in the future.

:information_source: How are you getting money from this?
We have an interesting roadmap for 2023, so we will figure it out :wink:

In case you feel the need to donate something, head to www.shibaweavers.com and search for the donate button.


@shibinformer, which session should I use to present a project.

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There is a space, but it is being redesigned. We will do a big announcement about it before February ends, and you will be able to publish your project here.

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Welcome Sr_Burn. #SHIB to the moon