About Alpha Users

An Alpha User is a forum user that went through the Alpha Onboarding process.

For this, the user will need to burn a number of SHIB tokens, worth around 1 US dollar. By doing this, the user will become member of the Alpha group, and gain access to the following perks.

  • Propose any project published in the Dog Show, to call for a vote. This vote will ask for the community to approve the project to become part of the :yellow_circle:Dog Park, :large_blue_diamond:SHIBA Business or :diamonds:Friends of SHIBA. Read the Shiba Realms introduction to learn more.

  • Alphas have access to the forum’s integrated chat system, allowing you to talk directly with other Alphas.

  • Alpha users have access to The Table, an exclusive forum category where Alphas can talk more privately about the new projects, and vote for them.

  • Vote for any open important proposal. While anyone can create polls, only votes in The Table are relevant for the forum.

  • Alpha users will be able to call for votes to create new sub-categories under the category Extra.

And more types of vote, currently in study.

Additionally, any contest made by the Shibernetics team will pick winners from Alphas.

Your Alpha status is a privilege that will last, at most, one year. Read more about it on Terms and Conditions.

To become an Alpha user, visit https://validation.shibernetics.club