Hoichi Teh Shibarium Bridge


A blind biwa hoshi with no ears who sings about Dan no Ura, the souls that have been lost from the war. In the same concept, Hoichi is singing about innocent souls who fell in scams and larps and victims of old experiment that got leeched, Hoichi dream is to build towards decentralization with those innocent souls.

  • Ethereum: Fully supported
  • Shibarium: Bridge for Shibarium


• CA: 0xc4ee0aa2d993ca7c9263ecfa26c6f7e13009d2b6
• Supply: 369369369369
• Tax: 1% Buy (Auto LP burn) 2% Sell (1% funding wallet, 1% auto LP burn)

Tax of liquidity help the liquidity pool grows and making sure it is healthy for long term and liquid in decentralized exchange rather than centralized exchanges. Why in ether not our native token? To make sure proposals and those who build for HOICHI not trade on Hoichi holders because Hoichi price will keep growing and it would be more dangerous to fund someone with our native token.

• Auto Contract Sell:
When does it sell or what is threshold? It is random to make sure no snipers are waiting and to make it fair for whoever catch that opportunity to load up. Maximum threshold is around 10 billion tokens but it can happen at 3 billion or 1 billion or less as I said it is random but maxed by 10 billion HOICHI tokens. It is 1% tax from sells only which takes a lot of time to reach these amounts of level and the more Market Cap is higher meaning less tokens will be collected because value of each token is higher in contract and more time it will take to sell and it keeps adding to LP too including funding wallet. So, in summary it is healthy for long-term and keeps building LP too even if it sold. Zoom out for the bigger picture and look at it in a positive way.

1- Creates volume

2- Add more LP in bigger way

3- ETH treasury

4- Free random opportunity to buy

5- LP will keep growing from buys and sells and selling of contract when it funds funding wallet

•DAO: In Hoichi we are all Nobody, voting and decision making for building will be done by its holders via proposals. If passed funded by Hoichi DAO wallet.

NFT• Hoichi has a unique NFT supply of 369 mints, which has an auto reward function of 3.69% of the DAO wallet contract sell being reward to a random NFT holder. This is for every contract sell. Has Hoichi value increases so does the NFT reward.

•Torii Bridge: We have created a bridge for multiple chains but most importantly ready for when Shibarium launches to be the Bridge for all plebs to enter the new realm.

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